Morewear Manufacturing is a manufacturer of steel underground and above ground fuel tanks, structural steel, pressure vessels as well as farm and high speed trailers. We are based in Harare, Zimbabwe and our factory is located in Southerton. Our history dates back to the Gulliver days, that giant that used to manufacturer train and rail stock among other products. Morewear Manufacturing sprang from Gulliver as an employee empowerment drive.

Morewear Manufacturing boasts of experienced and qualified engineers who are responsible for all the manufacturing process upto the finished product. You can learn more about us here.



Morewear Manufacturing is an engineering company that is complete as a single unit. From design to prototyping until the full manufacture of a complete product is all done in-house under one roof. The company boasts of adequate floor space, all the requisite machinery to do all our work. Our machinery and equipment is sourced from reputable manufacturers. Below is a glimpse of what we have in terms of equipment and machinery.

Machine Shop

Vertical borer and lathes for turning up to 1400mm diameter in the gap, and 800mm over 4000mm long bed.  Hydraulic copy lathe used for turning large repetitive work and 9 function auto-lathe for mass production of smaller components. Other machinery enables milling and drilling.

Cutting Shop

Incorporating machinery such as nibblers, punch and shear machines, bandsaws and guillotines capable of cutting 10mm plate 3000mm wide. Oxy-acetylene equipment is used for heavier material and multi torch profile cutting.

Press and Roll Shop

Various vertical presses up to 100-ton capacity with press tools for tank dished ends and in-house press tool manufacturing capability. 100 tonne horizontal press with tonnage recorder and 350 tonne press brake.

Welding Shop

Inspection and Testing Shop

Metal Preparation and Finishing Shop

A variety of equipment exists for submerged arc, TIG, CO2 and stick welding. Automatic submerged processes are used for universal beams simultaneously to reduce distortion.

In-house testing procedures for pipes, pressure vessels, tanks and welds in general include dye penetrates, pneumatic and hydraulic tests are also employed for pressures up to 60 bars.

Complex assemblies are sandblasted using compressed air. Various pipe coating equipment for internal coatings and external wrapping is available as well as general painting equipment.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

Welding to any standard including BS5135, BS 4870, etc. The machine has the following main features:
Maximum cutting length: 3000mm
Maximum cutting thickness:       – mild steel        12mm- stainless steel 8mm
Cutting angle (rake angle): 2.25’
Working press (x): 20< x <350 bars

Milling Machine

Main features are as follows:
Table size 1900 X 600mm  (working surface)
Grooves in “T” 18 X 100mm
Maximum working height 500mm
Maximum weight at work piece 1000 kgs (1ton)
Up to 12 speed variations.


Centre Lathe Machines

These are high precision machines with the following:

Maximum bed length 2225mm

Three (3) and four  (4) jaw chuck-heads with maximum diameters of 350 and 450mm respectively

Equipped with automatic feed and 12 speed variations.

What We Can Do

Our Services

Structural Steel Fabrication

We are experts on Structural Steel fabrication. We have done several projects including the construction of Service Stations across Zimbabwe.

Mining and General Engineering

Manufacture of mining equipment is one of our long service packages. Contract engineering is also one of our open package service where service is rendered as to the client’s specifications

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks come in various flavours and sizes. No project is too small or too big. We can scale our services to meet the requirements of any project.


Bore piping of any size including borehole casing and ducting is part of our specialties. From design to manufacture we deliver a complete product ready for fitting.

High Speed Trailers

We design and manufacture a wide range of trailers from high speed bulk tankers, bowsers to farm trailers. We also manufacture trailers specific to the customers’ requirements.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are another product that we have been manufacturing for many years. We have acquired unparalleled experience in producing this product.

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