Pressure vessels, also known as air receivers are equipment for the storage of pressurized gas. This can be LP (Liquid Petroleum) or other gases such as oxygen that are meant for other specialized services. Pressure vessels are a special type of storage equipment whose design, manufacture and installation requires meticulous care. Morewear Manufacturing has the expertise to manufacture pressure vessels. We are a member of the engineers institute which regulates all engineering entities in Zimbabwe. Should you require pressure vessels or air receivers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Vertical and horizontal Air Receivers manufactured to BS 5169 and SAZS 293 with capacities from 350 litres. Materials of manufacture are to meet the manufacturing standards or customer requirements and statutory requirements More Wear’s pressure vessels are mainly used for water storage, underground fuel storage, heat
exchanger units, creosote /tar coal heating and industrial processes. Pressure Vessels of many different varieties are manufactured to PD5500, or any International Standards Welding is X-rayed and facilities for pressure testing are available inhouse. More Wear manufactures dished ends and all plate used is wheelabrated to remove mill scale. Submerged arc, Manual metal arc and CO2 (carbon dioxide) welding are carried out to the highest standard of workmanship.
Our pressure vessels can also be fitted to frame, sandblasted, stress-relieved and painted to customer specification.

Modular Tanks

More Wear Modular Steel Tanks are specifically designed for the storage of portable water in areas where accessibility is restricted or areas where heavy lift equipment is not available. There is no limit to the length and breadth of a tank but the depth is restricted to four modules, due to the increased Hydrostatic Pressure on the tank bottom and lower tiers. All joints are sealed with an insoluble Non-Toxic sealing compound. All modules are steel pressings; complete rigidity being ensured by angle stays fixed to cleats inside the tank on the bottom and sides. The tank bottom and lower tiers are 6mm plate on tanks up to two modules deep. A comprehensive set of instructions and drawings are provided to enable the customer to erect his own tank. However, More Wear has the facilities to erect and will provide quotations on request.
Tanks are supplied either open or with a lightweight, dust proof cover with manhole, if required a vent can be supplied. Any size tank can be sub divided by the introduction of a partition. All modules and internal components are hot dip galvanized.

Should the customer so desire modules and internal components can be supplied uncoated. Alternatively coatings can be quoted on request.An internal access ladder is provided for tanks more than one module deep. Pipe fittings for inlets, outlets, over flows and washouts can be provided. More Wear can design, manufacture and erect tank stands. All elevated tank stands are supplied with safety caged access Ladders. All steelwork, other than components, receives one coat of zinc Chromate Primer before
dispatch. Finishing coats are quoted separately.

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