More Wear manufactures a wide range of products for the mining and materials handling such as, stage loaders and mechanical breakers for coal and other materials for surface and under-ground use. Stackers and reclaimers with transfer cars, ore and coal crushers, headgear, coco pans and Granby cars and hopper wagons.

Mine Wagons

Contract Engineering

More Wear are involved in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of general and specialized engineering products. Over the years the More Wear Group has manufactured: Abattoir equipment, airport cargo handling equipment, containers, weighbridges, heat exchangers, shuttle dampers  – underground and surface models, vacuum pans, crystalisers and evaporators for the sugar industry, shaft sinking platforms, tipplers and turntables for rail wagons, pneumatic handling equipment, oil processing plants, cement silos etc.  General machine shop and fabrication work in steel and stainless steel.

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