Storage tanks are the major products that are manufactured by Morewear Manufacturing. Our storage tank section encompasses a broad range of storage tanks with different uses and a lot more industrial names. Our storage tanks include fuel storage tanks, modular water storage tanks, water bowsers, pressure vessels also known as air receivers. For a special or custom storage tank that you may require, kindly ask us for a quote

Air Receivers

An air receiver, sometimes referred to as a compressed air tank, is an integral part of any compressed air system. The main purpose of this is to act as temporary storage to accommodate the peaks of demand from your system and to optimize the running efficiency of your plant.



Why do you need an air receiver?


Your air compressor installation can in theory run without a receiver, but not having one in your air system can increase the loading and unloading cycles on the compressor making the compressor work harder. It is important to remember that load/unload cycles will depend on the demand fluctuation within your facility.

Air receivers, commonly referred to as vessels or tanks are used to store compressed air before it enters into the piping system and or equipment. In simpler terms, air receivers act as a buffer mechanism between the compressor and the fluctuating pressure caused by the changing demand.

Some air compressors can be “tank-mounted”, which means that they come as a package and are mounted on top of the air receiver. This type of a set-up is highly preferred at facilities where space comes at a premium. Having a tank mounted compressor can save on both space as well as initial installation costs associated with commissioning a stand-alone dryer.  This is most commonly seen with smaller range compressors, mainly up to 26kW or 35 HP. Larger air compressors are not suitable for tank mounted option, as they become top heavy and could pose a safety risk.

Fuel Storage Tanks

Morewear Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of storage tanks that can be used for various purposes. Our major product are storage tanks for the storage of fuel. These tanks can have different sizes, ranging from 2 to 60 m diameter or more. They are generally installed inside containment basins in order to contain spills in case of rupture of the tank. Our tanks are designed by qualified and experienced engineers. We also manufacture tanks to the specification of clients and customers. Tanks that are designed and manufactured to the client’s specifications are manufactured depending on the intended use. Our tanks are designed to be of high quality, durable and cost effective.

Our Tanks

Storage Vessels

Morewear Manufacturing is a leading supplier of high quality condensate storage tanks for the oil and gas industries.

Available Features & Benefits:

  • Tank capacities up to 120,000 gallons
  • Designed & manufactured to your exact specifications
  • Standard & custom nozzle configurations
  • Excess flow check & safety valves
  • Instruments & controls
  • Optional post weld heat treating & stress relieving
  • Standard materials and corrosion resistant alloys
  • State-of-the-art coatings
  • Optional welded steel saddles
  • Gas leak detection
  • Built-in lift lugs
  • Access Manways
  • Flange and blind, hinge options, manual and hydraulic davit lift or spring assists can be added to any manway
  • Short turnaround & delivery
  • Standard trim, precast foundations & installation kits available
  • Coordination of freight & unloading logistics

All finished condensate storage vessels are tested and ASME certified, National Board code stamped and registered.

Ask About Our Skid-Mounted Options

In most cases, finished condensate storage vessels can be fabricated to suit your choice of either standard installation or skid-mounted option.  Our modular, skid-mounted systems allow for the simplest delivery and fastest installation and startup.

Contact us today to speak with one of our condensate storage tank fabrication experts: +263 4 2934600

Underground Storage

An underground storage tank (UST) system is a tank (or a combination of tanks) and connected underground piping having at least 10 percent of their combined volume underground. The tank system includes the tank, underground connected piping, underground ancillary equipment, and any containment system. The  UST regulations apply only to UST systems storing either petroleum or certain hazardous substances.

Standard underground fuel tanks with capacities ranging from 2000 litres to 35 000 litres.  Larger storage tanks of sizes 50 000 litres, 80 000 litres and 100 000 litres can also be manufactured as per client’s request.  Site constructed vertical storage tanks of up to 10 000 000 litres can also be manufactured from design to commissioning.  The tanks are manufactured from BS4360, GR 43A or equivalent plate with three coats of epoxy tar paint applied externally or fibre coated externally to guard  against corrosion.  Pressure testing is raised slowly and steadily to 70 kpa and maintained for 30 minutes.

Underground Tanks

Underground Tank Cutaway